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When you write fiction, you are telling a lie. Your job is to convince the reader of the lie. You must get them to feel like they are living in the story you are telling. You do that with specific details.

It is useful for the writer to learn architectural terms, flora and fauna of their region, and the terms of the profession or hobby of their characters (if a character is a tennis player, they should speak fluently in those terms: serve and net, ace, approach shot, breakpoint, etc.). …


Chaitanya, the bull had a majestic look with piercing eyes that had a lining of dark black as if someone had applied kaajal (kohl) on them. All three were creamy-white in colour with the trademark folds of skin on the neck and stood out against the green landscape.


Thus, it’s clear that getting plenty of sleep is incredibly important. If you aren’t prioritizing it right now, set a goal to get to bed a little earlier. You might find that an extra hour of sleep each night is exactly what you need to feel your best.

I believe…


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I’ve lived abroad and try to practice cultural sensitivity. But it’s incredible these ads bubble up past various levels of review. There seems to be a higher tolerance in Russia for this type of stuff.

Prayer. Meditation. Go for a walk. Have that five minutes to yourself because we carry a lot of weight. I’ve done meditation. I’ve had a therapist, but you have to find the right one.

Suddenly, a Burger King advertisement comes on. It features soccer players, burgers, and an offer to the women of the USA: Get pregnant by a famous soccer star! Get free whoppers…


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